Every so often comes the book that has the end goal of setting your faith on FIRE. Unquenchable is that book. It comes along to prompt us to be on FIRE for GOD. I don’t know about you but every so often I my fire gets extinguished and I’m not as excited about my faith, about studying my bible, about my relationship with God. And after reading this book I realize that I have to prompt myself to get on fire for GOD again. Because He’s there ready and waiting to pour out the water. The thing is to never let your thirst for God be quenched. Keep fueling the fire so God can keep supplying the water.

If you ever remember the first time God appeared to Moses, He came as a burning bush. Not as a burnt bush but a burning bush. The fire didn’t consume, extinguish, or destroy the bush but illuminated the bush giving it a wonderous quality that beckoned Moses’ absolute attention. God is still like that today…that’s the purpose of the bible to light the fire, to stoke the fire…then to provide the water, and start the process over and over again. The purpose isn’t to just be on fire for GOD but to endue the long haul. Life is long, temptation will come & issues will arise , we need that faith to withstand it all. To come out unscathed but stronger and smarter than we started.


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